The All Wales Boat Show is a celebratory festival of all water-based activities and is unique to the Region with a catchment area that covers not only all of Wales but also the North West, West Midlands, Isle of Man and the East Coast of Ireland.


The All Wales Boat Show in Conwy has been praised for boosting the local economy – with the first yacht sold within minutes of the gates opening.

Thousands flocked to the three-day event at Conwy Quay marina, which featured luxury yachts through to power boats, coracles and even bath tubs.

“This is a fantastic event, not just for this area but the whole of Wales, as it raises the profile of the marine leisure industry, which has huge tourism potential, both on  coastal waters and inland waterways” said Mr Skates.

“This is a sector that is worth £200m to the Welsh economy and growing rapidly.  In Wales it is up by 3.9%, compared with 0.3% in the rest of the UK, according to the latest data.  What’s crucial for the future development of the marine leisure industry is water quality, and I’m pleased to say that here in Wales we have some of the cleanest water.

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