Chwaraeon Dŵr Cymru

No matter where you are in Wales, you are never far away from miles upon miles of beautiful coastline, rivers, lakes and stunning mountains. This is why this area is renowned for not just offering every watersport activity possible, but also a myriad of outdoor adventures, leisure opportunities and first-rate local produce.

This guide promises to inspire you to explore this beautiful area. To excite you with an amazing array of water and land-based adventures. To spark an interest in Welsh heritage and culture. And to feed a passion for our wonderful Welsh produce.

We have designed the All Wales Boat and Leisure Visitor Guide, to appeal to anyone who likes to get out and about. Whether you are happiest on the water or in the hills, getting off the beaten track or just sitting back and taking in the view, North Wales offers something everyone. We hope that you thoroughly spending time here.