Invitation to ALL Sport Clubs

We’re inviting all sports clubs to support and attend the All Wales Boat  & Leisure Show 2022

We hope that the following free of charge contra deal will be of interest:

The All Wales Boat & Leisure Show would like to offer:

  1. 1) A banner or pop up promoting your establishment displayed at the Show,
  2. 2) Listed as being present at the All Wales Boat & Leisure Show,
  3. 3) A digital advert space measuring across the top: 468px(w) x 60px(h) with a direct link to your website,
  4. 4) An opportunity to host your own private members function.

In return we would like to request that you:

  1. 1) Ensure that our official poster is placed in a prominent position,
  2. 2) Include the All Wales Boat & Leisure Show dates and opening times in your 2022 Calendar
  3. 3) Supply space on your website for an online All Wales Boat & Leisure Show display advert.